Graniteville, California

A historic mining town in the Sierra Nevada mountains

Drama in Graniteville: Where are you Uncle Alfred?

Uncle Alfred

Alfred Kyle

Kyle family history suggests that Uncle Alfred disappeared after moving to Ludlow, Colorado in1914. Grandpa Bill felt he was killed during the Coal Wars conducted by JD Rockefeller and his armed men. In some ways he felt responsible for the disappearance of his brother and never forgave himself for ordering him to leave Graniteville, California

The story goes that while Grandpa Bill was out of town on business, Alfred made a pass at Grandma Annie Kyle. When Grandpa Bill returned home, he heard from Annie about the unwanted attentions by his brother, confronted him and had a fist fight with him.

After the battle, Uncle Alfred apologized and offered to fix things by buying dinner for the entire family. “The steaks are on me!”, he yelled to the stunned family members. Grandma made a great meal the next day, which was enjoyed by all.  Unfortunately,  Alfred had used the Kyle credit line at the butcher shop instead of paying the bill. Later that week, when grandma visited the store she found that they now had a huge bill and no ability to purchase more food. Again, Grandpa Bill and Alfred had another fight. This time Alfred was offered a horse and directions East. “Get out of town Alfred!” , Grandpa yelled .

They never heard from Alfred again and there is no record of him existing in the 1920 census. No returned mail…nothing, except someone heard he had moved to Ludlow for employment. The years have passed, and no one has seen or heard of him to this day.


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