Graniteville, California

A historic mining town in the Sierra Nevada mountains


Welcome to the new and improved Graniteville site.  This new site will be more interactive and collaborative so please post comments, make suggestions and send me pictures.  I have been webmaster since 2000 and have really enjoyed hearing from people all around the world who have visited and/or live in Graniteville over the years.

Janis Bishop

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  1. Sean Foley says:

    I am bringing my family, nephews, and father to Graniteville for a week in June to ind a gold mine we used to own. My son is seven. My nephews are in high school.

    Who is the best person to talk to about researching the mine location?
    Who can I talk to about lodging?
    What is there to do in G’ville? I have no problem with just enjoying the outdoors.

    Sean Foley
    Haltom City, Texas (817) 994-3738

  2. Janis Bishop says:

    Hi Sean:

    There are no actual services in Graniteville – no stores, gas stations, campgrounds or lodging, only private homes – and no electricity. Your best bet for lodging would be to stay in Nevada City which is about an hour’s drive – or also possibly Washington which is a little closer but I think only has one hotel. Graniteville itself has a cemetery to look at, and we have a 4th of July Parade which is fun to watch, but no where to stay overnight.

    Bowman lake is about 5 miles away and has camping and is very pretty – that might be another good choice. Here’s a link for what you can do in Nevada City:

  3. canon says:

    I am looking at going to bowman lake next week. What are the current condition? is it still covered in snow? can I get there via graniteville thank you for the reply.

  4. lyn says:

    Hi Janis, I am trying to get in touch with Norma and have lost her phone number. I believe she and her husband are Norma and Jim??? I work at A-Z Garden Center in Grass Valley and have become acquainted with them through the store. They have invited me up to visit and I would love to do that. Anyway you can help us connect? Maybe she could call the store, 274-3871, and leave me her number?

  5. william f mcdonaghIII says:

    hi janis,i just got a placer claim in tehama ravine bed bug smith trail,ive been staying at moores flat for the last twenty three years during the summer.i just wanted to tell all of america how graniteville is the jewel of nevada county and the people who live there are wonderfull.i was in graniteville this fourth of july and had a great time.there is very little information on gold mines in the area are you familiar with hot water mine?german mine?shands to the west?.to get to my claim you take a left at the cemetary and follow the road to where it ends,then you hike down the bed bug smith trail middle yuba river and i was wondering, if there are local miners you might know, that can give me valuable and historic history of the area,possible mining consultant. thanks hope to see you this summer almost forgot met a nice lady, possibly you. walking with your daughter and a dog july2011 on the road east side of graniteville by the creek bridge. i had the scary looking german shepherd, hes really a sweetheart,but you would not forget him saying hello to your dog also i might have met your husband and son on my second visit ask them if they remember a guy on a dirt bike looking for bed bug smith trail last year fifth of july 2012 also in a white van hanging out up at the creek with a few companions chris and tania later that summer. anyways, hope to see you at graniteville this summer, warm regards bill

  6. Janis Bishop says:

    Hi Bill, Don’t think it was my husband or me that you saw – we don’t have kids. I also don’t have any info on mining but we hike a lot down Bedbug Smith trail to the River so might run into you down there.

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